The world is on fire. But it’s not simply about finding the extinguisher. It’s about creating it.

We believe creative individuals have a huge role in helping the world transition towards a sustainable future - creative minds change culture, introduce us to new ways of thinking and invent solutions to complex problems.

Environmentally focused creative work needs to be celebrated and encouraged. So by providing a platform to hear the stories, thoughts and tips of practitioners that produce this type of work, we hope to equip listeners with tools to help build the sustainable future this planet needs.

About the host

Creativity has always been a big part of my life. My grandad was a composer, my mum went to art school, my dad has a studio repairing musical instruments and my brother works in the film industry.

So it's hardly a surprise that right after I completed my degree a few years ago, I founded Chance Shows, a contemporary arts platform, and began interviewing and writing articles on artists that caught my eye. This went quite well and six months down the line I found myself leading a panel discussion at one of the most famous art institutions in the world - The Courtauld Institute of Art.


I then decided to take a hiatus from Chance Shows to experience life living outside the UK. So I began working in Italy and subsequently Spain, where I was an in-house creative at a design and communications agency for almost two years.

But over this period, knocking away in the corner of my mind was a growing personal desire to do more to tackle the environmental crisis.

As the environmental impact of our actions on this planet have been increasingly laid bare, I've had sleepless nights thinking about what I can do to help.

This podcast is the start and I hope you find it useful.

Green Canvas host,

Toby Carpenter